ROR SubList Plugin
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The Ruby on Rails SubList Plugin makes it easy to have dynamic lists of related
models on a single editing page.

The plugin is designed for models with one or more has_many relationship with
other models. By using AJAX for adding and removing "sub-forms" one
can present the user with a single edit page that creates/edits the parent model
as well as all of the children.

New Tutorial
Ian Cottee has written a guide for RoR SubList Plugin. I'd recommend it over using the terse documentation available here but it may be worth looking at both for a thorough understanding.


Place the sub_list directory in the vendor/plugins dir of your application.

Make sure that you've included the prototype includes in your layout.

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>

In the controller which you wish to have a sub list displayed, add the following lines:

  include UIEnhancements::SubList
  helper :SubList  
  sub_list 'SubModel', 'parent' do |new_research_student|
   #Place any construction (ie. defaults) required here

Replace 'SubModel' with the class name of the sub model you wish to make available.
Replace 'parent' with the parent object.

For instance, if you wish to have a Person controller that has a sub list of Dogs for each
person, the sub model would be 'Dog' and the parent would be 'person'. It is expected that
@person would exist and that it contains a has_many relationship named 'dogs'.

The create and edit methods of the controller must be modified as below:

  def create
    @person =[:person])
    success = true
    success &&= initialize_dogs
    success &&=
    if success
      flash[:notice] = 'Person was successfully created.'
      redirect_to :action => 'list'
      render_action 'new'

Make similar changes to edit. These changes call metaprogramming methods added by the sub_list call above. The methods create or update any sub list items and validate them. In case of failure, the prepare_xxxx method ensures that the validation failures are properly displayed and sets up for redisplay of the page.

In the _form.rhtml to display the sub list (add, remove, etc):

    <% unless controller.action_name == 'show' %>
        <%= sub_list_add_link 'Dog', 'Add Dog' %>
    <% end %>

    <%= sub_list_content 'Dog', 'person' %>

 And to define the sub form used for editing the sub list items, create a partial for the sub model and place it in the view directory of the parent.
 For instance, _dog.rhtml:

    <% @dog = dog %>
    <div id="<%= "dog_#{}" %>">
            <label class="first" for="dog[]_firstname">
                First Name
                <%= text_field 'dog[]', 'firstname' %>
            <label for="dog[]_lastname">
                Last Name
                <%= text_field 'dog[]', 'lastname' %>
            <% unless controller.action_name == 'show' %>
                    <%= sub_list_remove_link dog, 'Dog' %>
              <% end %>            

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ROR SubList Plugin
Luke Galea -